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Deep cleansing facial (1 hour)- £45

Deep Cleanse Facial (30 Mins) – £28.00
A thorough cleanse and steam with hot towel, then exfoliation followed by a relaxing massage of face, neck and shoulders finishing with an application of masque and moisturiser.

Tailor made facial for your skin’s individual needs (45 mins) –£50

Skin boosting & anti-aging facial (1 hour) – £60

Lactic peel (45 mins) – £45

Enzyme peel (45 mins) – £45

Glycolic (45 mins)- £45

Hydraderm facial (1 hour) – £65

Back treatment with 30{89e22ea1c7bdcd9fa17e433334f7da34d9aeeb5d1a642443407a29277cdbdc37} peel (45 mins) – £38

Back cleanse, exfoliation, steam, mask massage, moisturiser (30 mins)- £30
Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage

Swedish Massage (1 Hour) – £42.00
Full body massagewhich is calming and relaxing using pre-blended oils.

Deep Tissue Massage (1 Hour) – £50.00
This massage works on stiff knotted muscles and areas of chronic paain & tension. It also helps remove waste & toxins from muscles, keeping them supple and flexible thus reducing the risk of injury.

Holistic Massage

Holistic Massage

Aromatherapy Massage (1 Hour) – £50.00
Deep tissue massage using essential oils which help with relaxation, circulation and detox.

Hot Stone massage Therapy (full body) (1 Hour) – £55.00
Back (30 mins) £35.00
Warmed basalt stones are placed on and around your body and will target key points on your body giving a deep massageand creating sensations of comfort & warmth. This treatment has countless benefits ie: boosting circulation and blood flow to tissue, help eliminate toxins and waste products, realeases stored tension, recharges energy kevels and helps with tired muscles. Definitely worth trying.

Thai Herb Compress Massage (1 Hour) – £65.00
Imagin relaxing, listening to soft music while the aches, pains and stresses from your body are gently massaged away with heated herbal compresses making you feel as good as new. Benefits include: Boosts immune system, eliminates toxins through lymphatic systems, helps with muscle injury,alleviates stress anxiety, speeds healing, plus many more benefits!

Neck and Shoulder & Back (30 mins) – £27.00
A great way to soothe away tension.

Indian Holistic Head Massage(30 mins) – £22.00
Helps relieve tension, congestion & improves circulation.
Reiki Natural Healing

Reiki Natural Healing

Reiki (1 Hour) – £45.00

Reiki with massage – (1 Hour) £48.00

Reiki with hotstone massage – (1 Hour) £50.00
Hands & Feet Treatments

Hands & Feet Treatments

Men’s Manicure –£20 (45 mins)

Men’s Spa Manicure –£28 (45 mins)

Men’s Pedicure –£25 (45 mins)

Men’s Spa Pedicure –£32 (45 mins)


Eyebrow wax reshape –£10

Eyebrow tidy –£7

Full back –£25

Half Back –£15

Full chest –£30

Half Chest –£20

Full arm –£20

Half Arm –£15

Full Leg –£25

Half Leg –£20

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