GLO Therapeutic Peels



We offer the most effective treatment in the industry by combining the moat potent peels & serums with delivery into the deeper layer of the skin using electrotherapy machine.

Derma light peel (lighting & brightening) 1hour £80.00

A combination of three different types of peels used in this treatment to give your skin a real boost the results are amazing, skin appears more uniform fresh radiant with a nature glow. This is also great treatment for acne scarring hyper pigmentation.

GLO Therapeutic Peels

GLO Therapeutic Peels

Lactic Peel (45 Mins) – £45.00

Enzyme Peel (45 Mins) – £45.00

Hydradrem Peel (1 Hour) – £65.00

Diamond Peel with Enzyme (1 Hour) – £80.00

About Glo Therapeutics Peels

About Glo Therapeutics Peels

The Glo Therapeutics Peels are a new generation of chemical peels that offer immediate results without any downtime, dehydration or damage to the skin structure. Who are the Glo Peels suitable for?

The Glo Peel is suitable for most skin types. The different peel strengths available ensure that the peel is customised to suit even the most sensitive skin types. What are the extra benefits of the Glo chemical peel?

Professional Skincare Treatments

Unlike many other types of chemical exfoliation, the advanced Glo formulation uses peptides to work on the signs of ageing, and retinoids and growth factors are used to help thicken and rebuild environmentally damaged skin structure. How do the Glo Peels work?

The Benefits of Glo Theraputic Peel

The Benefits of Glo Theraputic Peel

The benefit of Glo therapeutics chemical exfoliation is to promote cellular turnover with an exclusive Glo Complex, which allows skin to heal while it peels – it contains the signature Glo Complex comprised of Spin Trap, Carnosine, Alma and Niacinamide.

This powerful complex enhances results while preventing free-radical damage and supports the skin structure.

Glo therapeutic chemical peels are customisable and treatments range from superficial to aggressive.

How does having a peel feel?

You will experience a mild tingling and heat for up to 5 minutes during the peel, and after the peel the skin may have a little erythema or may be itchy. The experience is totally bearable.

Are there any adverse skin reactions after the Peel?

We have not yet experienced any adverse effects with this Glo Peels, only the usual flaking, erythema and itchy skin associated with peels is witnessed.

If you’d like to discuss our amazing glo therapeutics treatment or any of our other beauty products call either  020 88 40 52 25 or 07855 323 255

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Essential Beauty Spa is the essential place in Ealing and Hanwell for a Glo Theraputics Peels treatment.

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