About Us


Hi, my name is Zahida founder of Essential Beauty, also a recognized trainer in beauty therapy with over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry. I have been a beauty editor for glossy magazines have done write ups on skin care regime. I have also worked on high fashion runways, make- up artist for music videos, worked with big skincare brands such as Christian Dior which had led me to travel abroad training skincare and make up. I feel that beauty means luxury, and both women and men want to be pampered with luxury treatments. I have hand pick treatments that deliver results as clients are looking for better results and that is what I deliver, this is my approach using my vast experience in the beauty industry. I understand what works and recommend what the best treatment is for you, my team have been trained by myself who deliver treatments to high standards.

My Journey

My passion for beauty has led me to become a beauty trainer, my aim is to share my expertise, techniques and experience with my students to achieve their goals and take their career to the next level We offer courses (Starting form Level 2- Level 3 level 4) From Fast track for beginners to advanced level therapist. We provide high end & in demand training Our courses are for those who want to enhance their skills and have a strong passion for beauty. We have spa’s and clinics from middle east Europe recognising essential beauty academy as a training centre. We give opportunities to train future professional therapists who will develop skills to an exceptional high standard.

My Skincare Regime

Having worked in the beauty industry for over 20 years I have used many luxury skin care brands from local high street to salon professionals. Although I have used so many different products for my skin, things got repetitive as the ingredients seemed to be the same. Then everything changed when I discovered Korean skin care I am inspired with Korean skincare as Korean women have such beautiful porcelain skin… so I wondered what must their skincare routine be like?? As my interest grew for Korean skin care I decided to travel to South Korea to attend the biggest trade show for beauty. I was amazed with the product and technology that was available as well as the vast variety of skin care options. To me, skincare means pure luxury and Korean products are known for high quality ingredients. Korean approach to cosmetics prides itself on the utmost respect for skin and this is how we should be treating our skin!!!! So what impact has this had on me? Well due to my fascination with Korean skincare I cannot wait to introduce these products to you and share the ground breaking results I have experienced. We are all on point when it comes to fashion and having the latest phone? Hey what about your skin?? that should be on top of your priority list, it’s essential to have the right skincare products for homecare and to have a regular facial treatments to maintain the balance in skin that in turn will keep your skin heathy and youthful. It saves time (and money) to maintain your skin’s health and appearance rather than scrambling to fix problems as they arrive.

Radiant Beauty

Our friendly team of beauty experts will pamper you in only the best beauty products, our unique products are selected not just for pampering, but their ability to maintain our vitality and glow. Further to the quality of the products used, our team will do everything to make you comfortable and at ease during your treatment. You can always expect the staff at Essential Beauty to exceed your expectations through a friendly service with a smile. The Essential Beauty experience lives up to its name – why not book an appointment with us today for the perfect luxury spa treatment?

Our Mission Statement:

We believe in making people feel comfortable and beautiful in their own skin. We provide many treatments that enhance natural beauty as we believe that beauty starts from within. Appearance and comfort together are the key for confidence! We encourage diversity and equality through our treatments. We actively make a change not just to the skin but to the individual and how they view life from a different image.

Why Choose Us

Over 25,000 salons were nominated in this beauty campaign across UK, proud to announce Essential beauty was one of the TOP Rated clinic three years in a row 2017/2018/2019 by customers for our customer service, expertise in skin care, product knowledge and ultimately for our great results from our treatments. We are known for our high-end treatments products and result


Lovely staff, nice ambience and good value. I had a Gelish manicure and pedicure and it was done extremely well, by a lovely woman.


The eyebrow shape was brilliant: quick, pretty painless and a great result! The "g-string" hot bikini wax was good, but I'd go for the Brazilian next time for that extra neat look pre-holiday. And having tried the hot wax treatment I think I'd go back to strip wax, which I'm more used to and personally find less painful. The pedicure was really good - with a cup of tea for extra relaxation and it looked great. It isn't as relaxing to sit on a massage couch, rather than upright in a chair, as getting your feet in the foot bath can be a bit awkward, but overall the result was fantastic. And when I nipped back to ask if I could borrow the nail varnish to touch up two toenails I had chipped on my way home, my therapist even repainted them for me free of charge! Overall a friendly, efficient salon with an excellent therapist and I would go back.