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Eye Treatments lamination & lash Lift


Eyelash Extensions Full Set – £45.00

In Fills – £30.00

Removal – £15.00

Eye-brow Tint – £9.00

Eye-lash Tint – £14.00

Eye-lash& Eye-brow Tint – £20.00

BROW LAMINATION 40-60mins £35.00

What is Brow Lamination?

Eyebrow Lamination will help give you a uniform, full eyebrow shape. This is the ultimate solution for eyebrows that do not have symmetry where the hairs follow a different pattern, with lamination we can re-align the brows in such a way to give them the desired shape you want as well as a fuller look.

This treatment solves the messy brow issue, creates volume and fullness, while giving you a sleek well-kept brow shape for up to 2 months. With an aftercare routine of lash and brow serum applied daily you can also encourage brow growth by creating a protective film around the hair whilst

Will the result be natural?

Natural, Bolder and Fuller Brows in a beautiful shape you can wake up with daily for 4 – 6 weeks

Who Can Have this treatment?

· Anyone without any contraindications

· Anyone who is unhappy with the shape of their eyebrows

· Anyone wanting to grow out areas of sparse eyebrows

· Anyone wanting to improve the shape of their eyebrows.

· Anyone that has wiry, out of control eyebrows.

The perfectly reshaped eyebrows you can show off to your friends with an amazing naturally full look.


one of the simplest ways to change your look is with lash lift and tint. after the quick painless, and affordable treatment, your eyes will look instantly brighter and more open, making you seem more youthful and awake. Plus, your lashes will get that sexy curl and flutter you’ve always wanted! Think of it like permanently curling your lashes and applying mascara that never wears off.


A lash lift and tint treatment involves two separate processes, both designed to give you beautiful, fluttery eyelashes for weeks. The lash lift mimics the effect of an eyelash curler. It makes your lashes bend upwards, leaving them looking longer, and your eyes more open and bright. Meanwhile, a lash tint is similar to a brow tint – or applying several coats of mascara. It makes your eyelashes look darker, thicker, and fuller. It’s particularly striking on those with naturally blonde or red lashes.