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Make-Up And Bridal Make-Up


You never get a second chance to make a “first impression”. A special appointment for your special occasion.

Long lasting flawless finish, make-up that does not require touch up and looks amazing both up close and on camera.

Make sure you stand out from the crowd with our Airbrush make-up

Party Make-Up – £70.00

Airbrush Make-Up Long Lasting – £85.00

Asian Bridal Hair & Make-Up from – £450.00

Registry Hair & Make-Up from –£250.00

Western Bridal Make-Up & Hair from –£300.00

Westen Registry Make-Up & Hair from –£200.00

Asian Registry Make-Up & Hair £250

Hair Styling – from £25.00

One-Day Course – £130.00
Learn the art of day, evening and glamorous makeup. Get advice on skincare, foundation, and dramatic eye makeup & blusher application for more controlled results.


Until recently, airbrushing make-up was the secret of Hollywood. Having become the preferred choice of application for TV, film and glossy magazines, it is now available for you here at Essential Beauty.

The atomisation of the product when sprayed through an airbrush makes the particles incredibly small and therefore invisible to the naked eye. The fine and smooth application delivered by an airbrush gives a flawless finish.

Airbrush not only delivers perfect results, but also contains ingredients that are good for your skin:

Vitamin A- To improve the elasticity of the skin and temporarily reduce fine lines.

Vitamin E- To moisturise and repair. An antioxidant, it acts as an agent to deactivate the aggressive free radicals that cause ageing.

Airbrush contains light diffusing properties to ensure that you look great whatever the occasion.


Sun damaged skin – When combined with airbrush primer it forms a light, smooth layer that doesn’t sit in wrinkles.

Scars – The excellent coverage given by airbrush covers scars with just one light application.

Acne- A clean delivery of make-up removes the threat of cross-contamination. Airbrush’s amazing coverage masks the condition.

Sensitive skins- Used post-surgery and by ladies with sensitive skin. The spray application means no pulling or rubbing of skin.