Holistic Massage

Holistic Massage

Holistic Massage

Aromatherapy Massage (1 Hour) – £45.00
Deep tissue massage using essential oils which help with relaxation, circulation and detox.

Thai Oil Massage (1 Hour) – £48.00
Uses organic Thai oil to deliver a deeply therapeutic massage with rhythmic stretches and movements to release blocked energy and tension, invigorating joints and releasing stress.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy (1 Hour) – £55.00

Hot Stone Massage Therapy – Back Only (30 Mins) – £35.00
Warmed Basalt Stones are placed on and around your body to target key points giving a deep massage while creating sensations of comfort & warmth. This treatment has countless benefits i.e. boosting circulation & blood flows to tissues, eliminates toxins & waste products, releases stored tensions, recharges levels & helps with tired muscles. Definitely worth trying.

Thai Herb Compress Massage (1 Hour) – 55.00
Imagine relaxing, listening to soft music while the aches, pains and stresses are gently massaged away with heated herbal compresses, making you feel good as new. Benefits include a boosted immune system, eliminated toxins through lymphatic system, help with muscle injuries, alleviates stress & anxiety and speeds heating.

Neck, Shoulder & Back (30 Mins) – £27.00
A great way to soothe away tension.

Indian Holistic Head Massage (30 mins) – £22.00
Helps relieve tension, congestion & improves circulation.

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