BB glow facial

BB glow facial 1hour £110

Course of 3 treatments £300

What is a BB Glow facial?

The BB glow facial is hybrid micro needling treatment. It involves the use of micro needling to deliver a BB cream formulation into the skin for more even tone and brighter complexion. The serums are packed with a blend of amino acids, anti-oxidants peptides to deliver healthy skin. Skin whitening and lightening properties, hence it is effective on darker skin tones, pigmentations and sun damaged skin conditions.

The BB glow facial is widely known as the Korean glass skin treatment which is making the rounds on social media and becoming very popular in Asia, Russia and now in America and Europe.

Your therapist has the ability to work on your skin using color serums blended to match your complexion. You also have a choice to have a more advanced treatment which means your therapist can work a combinations of colors to achieve a contoured look to enhance your feathers. Needless to say the treatment is great finishing treatment. Which uses natural pigment that can sit in your skin without harming it to give you a radiant makeup finished look; without makeup.

The color in your skin is built up over time, you can build up coverage to give you results that last for longer by having a course of treatments, alternatively you can have individual treatments that will provide a light coverage for a special occasion.

Who should have this treatment:

Ideal for someone who wants a finishing treatment on their skin to give it a radiant glow.

The BB glow serums can be customized to give most skin conditions a healthy radiant look and can be customized to your skin tones for the ideal affect, for example if you want to achieve a more tanned look, fresh look or a contoured look all these can be achieved through this treatment.

This treatment is also great for people who suffer with dark circles around the eyes or scarring from pigmentation or acne scars. The serums are filled with free radicals and enzymes which help break these pigmentation down.


  • Provides instant and gradual skin lighting.
  • Neutralizes free radicals.
  • Reduces melanin content in skin before and after UV exposure.
  • Restore even skin tone and radiant complexion.
  • Reduces skin discolouration.
  • Effective skin brightening, skin whitening and wrinkle improvement.
  • Will not clog up your pores unlike applying makeup foundation.
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Asian darker skins tones will have a whitening effect due to inhibition of the melanin activity control and scarring blemishes age spots will free radical neutralization and increase cell renewal.

Who should not have this treatment:

This treatment can not be carried out on someone who has an infectious skin disease/disorder or someone who is pregnant or breastfeeding, someone who is experiencing a breakout on the face.

What does the treatment involve:

Before the BB serum is applied we double cleanse & dead layer skin is exfoliated with a scrub and follower by dermaplaning the pores are extracted and a chemical peel is applied to really prepare the skin surface so the BB serum last longer. Mesotherapy serums appropriate to the skin conditions being treated and the BB serums are infuse into the skin with nano needle, for the later part of the facial sequence. We incorporate the LED light therapy on your personal skin requirement. The is NO pain NO redness NO downtime and immediate result for this permanent skin foundation treatment.

What is the aftercare advice for this facial:

The effects of the treatment continues to work for few weeks and if a course of 4-5 treatments have been taken every 3-4 weeks the results after the course last for around 4 months. The radiance and the healthy look in the skin, make sure that all the skin treatments have carried out prior to the BB glow such as laser or waxing threading treatments.

BB Glow treatments can be repeated every 3 weeks.

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