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BB Glow Facial

We like to introduce our new fabulous treatment which is trending in the beauty market the famous BB Glow facial. What is BB glow? The BB glow facial is hybrid micro-needling with nanoneedles, it involves the use of micro-needling to deliver a BB cream formulation into the skin for a more even-toned and brighter complexion. The serum our Packed with a blend of amino acids antioxidant peptides to deliver healthy skin. The BB glow is widely known as the Korean glass skin treatment which is making the rounds on social media and becoming very popular in Asia Russia and now in America and Europe. Book your free consultation today on 07855323255 ...

Hifu Non-Surgical Face And Body Lift.

Ultasound  Skin Tightening Treatment For Men And Women. High intensity focused ultrasound hifu is a cosmetic treatment for face and body lifting and tightening, it uses ultrasound energy encourage the production of collagen which results in firmer skin, more youthful lifted skin, this treatment  can target various depths of the face and body contouring and lifting. What are the benefits of hifu ultrasound? 1.  completely non-surgical non-invasive procedure 2. Clinically proven to show results. 3. Safe and effective. 4. No need for anaesthesia or sedation 5. No downtime 6. Comfortable and painless treatment. 7. Results can be seen by first treatment results can last for over a year. Results we can achieve with hifu ultrasound. Younger looking skin...