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How to boost self-confidence?

I have been asked this question many times during my professional life! The best and the most honest answer which I have found is the following. Believe in your self.Be honest and never give up Take chance's and avail opportunitys Be kind and assertive Do regualr experice and keep your self well grommed keep your self focused and persue your dreams Be positve and courageousGain knowledge and skills ...

Why Exfoliate your face?

A million Dollar Question? so here is your answer! Exfoliation removes the dead cells, allowing the pores to absorb nutrients. The process will refine the top layers of skin, making pores appear smaller. ...

TOP SELLER 2020 SPF 50+PA++++ £35.00

Top Seller 2020 SPF SUNBLOCK 50+PA++++ our dual-action broad-spectrum SPF protection and anti-wrinkle moisturizer designed to protect from both the immediate effects of sun damage (caused by UVB rays )and long term damage that shows up as wrinkles, fine lines, and sunspots (caused by UVA) no one is immune to the aging effects of the sun damage. our sunblock is every you need for a radiant aura as captivating as you are. from plumping collagen to peptides and hyaluronic for deep hydration and moisturizing, this is one part of your daily routine you won't be able to live without. all skin type age and gender ...

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