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What Inspires You?

Like to know what inspires you in life? for me, it's all about feeling good, looking good!! As beauty has always been my passion. I learn new skills in beauty and create a vision of what I would like to achieve, nothing comes easy in life as we all know it all comes down to commitment, hard work, self-belief. and dedication. am always in search of new ideas innovations in the beauty industry because a thing of beauty is a joy for everyone!! Beauty Needs No Ornaments !!! But simply care ...


We are OPEN BEAUTY IS THE ILLUMINATION OF YOUR SOUL! We’re so pleased to announce that we’ve now reopened, in line with government guidelines. It’s been an extremely difficult time all around but we’re excited to begin welcoming you back for a well-deserved (and probably overdue) treatment.WITH £10.00 OFF 1hour massage & selected Facialsoffer ends April 30th, 2021for appointments please call the venue on 07855323255don't forget a good massage & Facial are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget!Book that appointment you’ve been waiting for now - and we’ll see you...

Micro-Needling Treatment?

Derma-pen micro-needling is most commonly use, on the face to reduce fine lines and wrinkles but can also be used to treat common skin problems such as stretch marks and scars on different areas of the body. Let’s take a look at some of the possible reasons to get a derma-pen treatment:  To reduce the appearance of a scar: After the skin heals a wound and forms a scar, the body acts as though the area has been returned to normal. Derma-pen micro-needling can puncture the scar tissue and stimulate the skin to replace the damaged skin with new, unscarred skin.  To reduce the appearance of stretch marks: Like...