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Korean Advance Treatment


Having worked in the beauty industry for over 20 years I have used many luxury skin care brands from local high street to salon professionals. Although I have used so many different products for my skin, things got repetitive as the ingredients seemed to be the same. Then everything changed when I discovered Korean skin care I am inspired with Korean skincare as Korean women have such beautiful porcelain skin… so I wondered what must their skincare routine be like?? As my interest grew for Korean skin care I decided to travel to South Korea to attend the biggest trade show for beauty. I was amazed with the product and technology that was available as well as the vast variety of skin care options. To me, skincare means pure luxury and Korean products are known for high quality ingredients. Korean approach to cosmetics prides itself on the utmost respect for skin and this is how we should be treating our skin !!!!

So what impact has this had on me? Well due to my fascination with Korean skincare I cannot wait to introduce these products to you and share the ground breaking results I have experienced.

We are all on point when it comes to fashion and having the latest phone?
Hey what about your skin?? that should be on  top of your priority list, it’s  essential to have the right skincare products for homecare  and to have a regular facial treatments to maintain the balance in skin that in turn  will keep your skin heathy and youthful. It saves time (and money) to maintain your skin’s health and appearance rather than scrambling to fix problems as they arise.

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